About Us

Michael Dunleavy established Dunleavy Meats in 1961 as a local butcher shop and wholesale supplier, as well as running the family farm in the small town of Ballina, Co, Mayo. The reputation for the product and quality grew; due to demand in 1998 the company started work on a new abattoir and deboning facility. In 2001 Dunleavy Meats acquired its EU Licence and began to target mainland Europe.

Since then through a high level of investment and building relationships with our customers and suppliers we have developed the business and are working with companies all over Europe and outside the EU.


The business is now in its third generation and family experience has been a major growth factor in the growth of Dunleavy Meats.

Our background has gained us a strong respect for the traditions of Cattle raising and traditional butchery styles but we are also excited about providing consumers with new and exciting products.

We take pride providing to the needs of all our customers from wholesalers, producers right through to chefs leading the family table.

We offer a wide range of products from carcass to primal cuts. We are now committed to expanding our customer base in all international food markets and developing long term mutually beneficial partnerships.


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