All Our Beef and Lamb is handpicked by our procurement team and sourced locally.

We are located an area of unique lush pasture between the Atlantic Ocean and the Ox Mountains. Due to our location, we have a very temperate climate that provides a natural grass based diet, high in vitamins and minerals which reflect in the quality and flavour of our beef and lamb.

As a family owned business, we don’t just embrace the benefits that new technology has to offer, we also recognise and value those same principles of good animal husbandry and skillful land management that has been part of our heritage for almost half a century.


We are committed to maintain a supply of grass fed beef and lamb and have worked hard at ensuring that we can offer you and your consumers only the best quality Irish bred meat products. We maintain a strong and rigorous selection process and have a solid reputation as one of Ireland’s top livestock buyers.


Our standard operating procedures ensure best animal welfare pracices. All our livestock handlers have be fully- trained in animal welfare and have being certified as welfare officers to ensure animals are handled correctly as welfare is high priority to ensuring the consistency of product to our customers and we like to take care of our animals